Sweetheart β™₯Memory

| April 21- journal page of some sort (again)

April 6th- currently three? wip pages sigh
March 30th- Oldschool lolita-esque homepage I love this a lot <3
March 18th- New homepage spring came early.
March 6th- wardrobe page beginings site is coming together :)
March 1st- begining of a journal of some sort
February 16th- new homepage ^^ really proud of this one. Also redoing my button
January 27th- valentine website theme for a few weeks kept this one simple since its just for a bit

The moon today

Woahhhh how'd you get here?! Welcome to sweetheartmemory, a hobby I've been working on for a while. My name is Roseanne, the webmaster/mistress. Take a look around, but don't get too lost ( ゚oβŒ’).
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