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Welcome to sweet heart memory a little corner of the web to share a bit about myself. I love being able to build a site out of scratch with the unlimited creativity it brings. This site serves as a digital form of my being, and I try to work on it with every down time I get. I go by flora and I'm a ghanaian-american highshcool student. This site will update relatively frequently since it's in its begining stages. I hope you stick around till its completion („• ֊ •„).

...please note that everyting is veeery wip! Elements might break/look out of place, and almost all links won't be directed to a new page. Keep that in mind when browisng through. I'm also an amateur at this. This page is best viewed on a desktop. Thank you for stopping by!

Vkei of the month Jan 2023

This song is titled I'm not by Közi. His solo songs have a unique sound to them which I love. My favorites are Kaikou, ISM, and Que Sera Sera. (you can give a listen down below)

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Happy new year everyone!! planning to do a massive(not so massive) over haul again. Sometime after midterms I hope... Going for a grid layout this time so I've been learning css grid.
just messed up half my code and had to redo the bottom half of this page for hours. i swear i thought i finally lost it all. GOODNIGHT I'm exhuasted

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