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11-24-22 weather: feeling: a bit down.

Happy thanksgiving! To all who celebrate. First journal entry ever!! Hoping to be consistent with this. This place is sort of like a diary to me except I'm not getting too personal with my life on such a public space as this lol. My winter wardrobe is incredibly barren. These are the times I wish I knew how to/had the means to buy from sites that proxy ship. Right now I'm stuck with finding good deals (which are so hard to come by) on mercari + other western sites sellling j-fashion apparel. Not all hope is lost though... I'm saving up to buy a few axes femme sweaters and coats...They're so pretty.

11-26-22 weather: feeling: normal.

The art of just being is so beautiful to me. Just existing. I want to be everflowing like a river. Wherever my thoughts, my feet, my hands take me