black teen and their little webspace

swthrtmem 2022-forever(hopefully) page started: 11-14-22 made with brackets hosted on neocities. Banner drawn by me.

sweetheartmemory is place to dump everything about myself with less creative restrictions than your average social media. A place to explore my self identity as well. Coding, which originally began as a summer hobby/passion is now a permanent interest I still get back to :> This site will update once a week on a good month, but long hiatuses are bound to happen. Enjoy your stay!

the name "sweetheartmemory?" Like most of the usernames I make for my accounts online, this one has ties to a band and music title lol. Sweet Heart Memory is the title of a song by SHAZNA, a v-kei band. Though I'm not well versed with this band, I do like the song.. and title. I do want to listen to more of their music though.

future plans for this site? Honestly this is such a huuuge project for me. One I'm extremely excited about. This site a year from now will be absolutely filled to the brim with art of my own & so many web graphics, fashion, rambling about topics I'm passionate about and so much more. Erm.. stay tuned i guess

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