welcome to my home

Welcome to flora's winter-ish wonderland a personal site away from boring modern web. Also a way for me to practice web design which is a hobby of mine. Feel free to look around though most links won't direct to a page since everything is in it's begining stages. Thank you for stopping by

This site works on any device but it might look wonky since my dimensions are for a bigger screens. Some day i'll be able to wrap my head around web responsiveness but for now everything is best viewed on a desktop/computer

vkei of the month


I feel..The current mood of sweetheartmemory at www.imood.com


wardrobe page beginings site is coming together :)


begining of a journal of some sort


new homepage ^^ really proud of this one. Also redoing my button


valentine website theme for a few weeks kept this one simple since its just for a bit

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