Welcome to my journal where I share my thoughts and the goings of my day. Enjoy your stay.

April 30: Good evening, and happy last day of the month. I found the cutest thing ever while browsing wunderwelt just now. Look at this brown usakumya charm thing!!!
So naturally I was going to buy it the price wasn't too bad. I add it to my cart and go to check out and turns out the shipping is another 3,000 yen which brought it to over $50.
I'm so heartbroken, in physical pain, despair, grief, desolation, misery. I need this. The perfect plush representation of me. It's me in every way. I can't bring myself to buy it at that price :< which pains me but maybe one day I'll stumble upon it once more and by then I'll have a lot of spending money.
We shall meet again, by destiny.

April 22: Good morning. I'ts my mom's birthday today! She's 49 today. It's also the first time my dad's remembered her birthday before her telling him which breaks my heart. Anticipating having to listen to a one hour venting session from her which happens more sporadically now. I feel a bit down because I don't have much skill for a handmade gift she wouldn't lose or throw away. I might bake something. Hope today goes well.

April 21: Web journaling is suprisingly difficult for me to undertake, but we'll see how this goes. Mainly wanted to do this because I had a nice layout in mind lol. This week has been faaast. This entire month I feel like has been fast for me and march moved at a snails pace. One reason might be because I've been too busy. I've been on auto-pilot for the most part.
On the brighter side! I got a shoe today I'm really excited about coording with outfits. It's thrifted, but in pristine condition :> I've been leaning more into classic lolita and historical outifts in general with my wardrobe so I'm glad to be adding this