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reader! welcome to my little corner of the web. sweeheartmemory is a web project in which I attempt (at least) to create a digital form of my being, all with my own two severely cramped hands. This site will update relatively frequently since it's in its begining stages. Haituses are also bound to occur (usually when I'm totally revamping something on here) I hope you stick around till its completion (โ€žโ€ข ึŠ โ€ขโ€ž)! ...please note that everyting is very wip. This page is best viewed on a desktop or in landscape mode if you're on mobile. Thank you for stopping by and safe travels.

sincerely, flora- swthrtmem year twenty-three.

vkei of the month

Baiser: En fleur

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Notepad: Jan 23 2023 6:30

you know a vkei band is good when the only quality you can find their music in anywhere is barely audible



trinkets page is up probably gonna tweak some stuff here and there today too


on the coding grind today. put together something for my webmistress page, cleaned out my shrines page and also starting a new shrine too. also started my trinkets page but that's on the backburner for now. I wanna put up a guestbook sometime in the future. goodnight coding is so tiring


New homepage launch. I lied about the "not so massive overhaul" part hopefully I don't scrap this a month from now I really worked hard on this :')


Happy new year everyone!! planning to do a massive(not so massive) over haul again. Sometime after midterms I hope... Going for a grid layout this time so I've been learning css grid.

more to come...