"To love is to adore. To love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves... otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them"


Roseanne 17, his/hers, Ghananian-Ivorian American

Favorite film:

Happy together - 1997

Favorite colors:

MoitiƩ blue black warm greys white


top ten roseanne wins

The quiet and calmness of the world during sunrise
Achieving a sense of genuineness with someone in this superficial world
Deeply raw poetry about anything pertaining to romance
Fresh snow with clear skies
Timid men with deep voices
Old objects that look to be visibly loved by its previous owner so much so that its in a sorry state
Picnic in the English countryside year 1902
The belief in a heaven if only to spend eternity with them in a blissful place after death
Elaborate but thoughtful displays of opulence, elegant but brazen
The beauty and perfectness of nature. Knowing that it came before us and that we will be gone before it